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Dr. BIJAN Gabai ,D.C.,

About Us

The Importance of Your Health

We’ve been delivering quality chiropractic care to the Los Angeles community since 1989. Our approach is simple. We believe that health is among our most valuable possessions. Remember that motion is life. Everything about the human body is designed with motion in mind: nerve fibers stimulate the muscles to contract, muscles contract to move the bones, bones move around joints, and the nerve system controls it all. As a matter of fact, research has shown that motion is so critical to our body’s health that a lack of motion has a detrimental effect on everything from digestion to our emotional state, immune function, our ability to concentrate, how well we sleep and even to how long we live. If your lifestyle does not include enough motion and you sit for prolong time your body cannot function efficiently. 

Relief Care

If  you desire to have free range of motion seek chiropractic care for you or your family members visit Dr. Gabai ,D.C., who has over 26 years of experience. Basically most of axial skeletal pain or neck, back, shoulder or knee pain could be treated by gentle chiropractic adjustments in combination with physical therapy, but unlikely lots of patients take medication in order to decrease the pain. Beside the possibility of developing a dependency and addiction, medications merely numb the pain, ignoring the underlying origin of the problem. The pain is gone as long as one is taking the drugs. But, one’s body can become immune to the dosage and a larger dosage of medication is required to get relief.   

When many people seek care in our office they have one goal: relief. So that’s where we start! During this initial stage of intensive care, we have several obligations:

· Uncover the underlying cause of the health problem

· Suggest a care plan to produce the fastest results possible

· Offer ways clients can participate in their recovery

Chiropractor Who Cares

 Thomas Edison stated The doctor of future will give no medicine, But will interest patients in the care of human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention. Gentle adjustment, regular therapeutic massages, exercise, low fat, high fiber nutrition, and healthy thinking are a number of other things that you can do to live a life of richness. Call Dr. Gabai, D.C. and let him find the origin of your axial skeletal misalignments and correct it by gentle adjustments.